Thursday, June 05, 2008

From Apple of our eye to Miss of our Universe!!
Before my baby started school i was a worried mother who had tons of questions reeling through her mind. (My 30th Aug blog is a testimonial)!

But my little girl has made this journey of first year at school rather fast and i have witnessed tons of changes in my little one-
She has learned a ton of stuff -Ms Intelligent
made some 15 new friends -Ms Congeniality
she i can do it all myself- Miss independent
In all this my little baby has been lost somewhere ...she has grown up rather too fast..!But such is life !

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Devanshi started her school three months back and today got her very first Report Card!All i can say is -I am a very Happy ,Blessed and a Proud Mom.
My little one has given us all that a Parent can ever ask for!We are truly blessed!

A tiny little angelthat always is in flightas soon as you came into my lifeyou brought me so much light.

Your beauty is so stunningyour smile makes me melt

I'm so proud to be your mommy

It's the best I've ever felt.Oh perfect little princesswith you I'm so in loveevery night before I dream

I thank the lord above.

How did I get so luckyto have as sweet of a gift as you

If ever you should need methere's nothing I wouldn't do.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Time flies....real fast!

3rd Diwali 2007

2nd Diwali 2006

1st Diwali 2005

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Miss being Home for Diwali
I am missing all the great food,Mithai from Haldirams,Playing 3 Patti with family and all the noise and pollution in Guragon.
All i can do is imagine what must be on back at home!
Friends visiting to greet Diwali,light deciration at home and perpetually one bulb or the other fusing out making my brother go crazy! mom cooking yummy kachoris and Ona directing her to make Singals(a kumaoni delicacy).
I really miss being at home this time of the year...more than ever.
But will do all i can to make this Diwali and every Diwali we spend away from family a special one yummy food as i am not a great cook but promise there will be something special, no fesh Haldiram mithai but packed/Tined one isnt that bad...Will definately play 3 crackers but promise lots of diyas,candles and tons of noise Pollution here in 2002 South Hamptom.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Pin drop Silence!
This one liner is not totally unfamiliar to me-but somehow i had lost a sense of this for the past three years since Devanshi has been in our lives!
Today is the first day of her school-and she is away in school .This pin drop silence at home is somehow making me uncomfortable or should i say is driving me crazy!
I have looked at the watch a million times in the past 2 hours and am sure will look a trillion times more-waiting for the clock to strike 12:15 so that i can be on my way to pick her back !
So all you mothers out there who yearn for a pin drop silence ,trust me this silence is chilling and cold.
Oh!how i wish her to be back home soon and yell and scream because her screaches are so much warmer and joyous!which fill my hear and home with happiness.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

There she goes!
She will be gone from next thursday for six hours to school for the very first time!leaving behind a very anxious and nervous mom.
Yeah!my little one is off to school!time has flown and this time very -very fast.I have a lot of mixed emotions and butterflies in my stomach.
  • Why cant she stay at home for another year?Isnt she too young?
  • Will she be fine when she is on her own?
  • How will she handle aggressive boys around her who push and pull her?
  • What if she doesnt eat the snacks and lunch i pack for her?
  • What if she feels like dozing on a cold winter day in school?
  • Will she be fine?
  • Will she be happy?
  • Will she like her school?
  • Will she make new friends?

I guess these emotions arent exclusive...every parent on this earth has felt the same way when their child takes off for school for the very first time!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Swatantrata Diwas in Newport
Today i am excited........and so is every Indian i know living in NY.Today we all are going to celebrate 60 years of Indian independence here in Newport.There will be Indian Dance Performance ,a Parade and lots of Indian food!
We all intend to show up in full strength...with lots of zest and great pride!
We might be away from our homeland but our heart and soul is still there!
My Little one starts School
My little one is going to start Pre-Kindergarden 3 from next month and currently i am busy shopping for her school supplies.
I am overwhelmed....anxious and a little dazed as to how time can fly super fast ???
Its back to buying pencil boxes,lunch boxes,crayons and stensils!!!Its brought back a lot of exciting memories from school days-Flora pencils,HP Pencils,scented erasers,fruit shaped sharpners,clolourful backpacks and Disney lunch boxes.
These little goodies brought so much happiness and excitement back then....i see the same excitement and thrill in my little ones eyes!
Its the best thing in the world-to relive best days of your life- Childhood back again and i am so greatful for that.